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The Geeky Factory home of Anime Tshirts, Anime Mugs, Videogame Tshirts and Gamer Mugs!

Made by Geeks for Geeks! 

The Geek Factory was created by geeks for geeks. We love and are obsessed with creating fresh unique high quality products inspired by the world of Anime and Videogames.

We love designing Anime Tshirts, Anime Mugs, Videogame Tshirts, Video game mugs, Gamer tshirts, Gamer Mugs, Hoodies and much more.

We are passionately driven to create designs based on our childhood dating all the way back to when we first picked up the NES controller and played Super Mario Bros to last week when we streamed the latest anime series via Crunchy Roll on our iPad.

Our goal is to make cool quality products that will let other geeks, gamers and otaku know you have great taste when it comes to clothing and products.

If you're buying unique gifts for a loved one who loves videogames or even anime you're in the right place too as the gift is bound to leave a smile on their face.

We're always adding new items to our range so pop by often.